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Are you a breakfast eater? I didn’t use to be. I wouldn’t eat until 12 or 1pm and lets just say my choices weren’t always the healthiest. I don’t know how I survived those dark days. I can’t imagine a day without a delicious breakfast now. I’d probably be passed out under my desk by 9am at the latest.

Breakfast really is my favorite meal of the day. But am I eating the right breakfast and getting the right nutrients? I saw this article and it’s made me track my meals the past few days on My Fitness Pal and see if my breakfast is up to par. Luckily my breakfasts meet all the recommendations (most days) but these were definitely some things I didn’t know. I was doing them without knowing.

Here are some guidelines for making sure your breakfast is the right choice to fuel your body and your brain properly in the early hours of the day.

  • Make sure your breakfast is at least 53% carbs. Aim for 35 -65 g carbs.
  • Fiber in breakfast is important! Try to get in at least 6g of fiber.
  • You want some fats in your breakfast. Aim for about 17-15 g of HEALTHY fats in your breakfast like nut butters, avocado, etc.
  • Of course you want protein which has the staying power to keep those hunger pains at bay. Aim for 15-25 g of protein.

Some of these seemed high to me but I decided to test them for a few days. I’m no scientist over here so these are strictly my own observations. Days I hit all these guidelines I stayed full until lunch time and felt great. I tried one day of not meeting these goals and had just some cereal and was starving a few hours later and felt like I needed more than my own cup of coffee. Maybe these guidelines are on to something. 🙂

Here are some great breakfast ideas.

  • Oatmeal – Add sliced almonds (or other nuts), nut butters, milk, fruit, etc. Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfasts. It’s really versatile and you can literally add almost anything.
  • Egg scramble – Eggs (and egg whites) are easy to add just about anything too. I like to bulk mine up with some black beans, little bit of cheese, salsa and some sliced avocado. Eat with a piece of whole grain toast or wrap it up in a whole grain tortilla. YUM.
  • Peanut butter and strawberry roll up. This is about as easy as it gets. Use a whole grain tortilla and spread pb (or other nut butters) on it, slice strawberries and a handful of granola and roll it up.
  • Greek yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, agave, etc. You can almost throw anything in Greek yogurt.

I want breakfast right now. How does your breakfast stack up?

Source: google.ca via Marcie on Pinterest


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