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I know I slacked on updates this week. But I do have a good excuse. My mother and brother were in town all the way through Wednesday morning. My brother is in the Navy and I don’t get to see him very often. His ship came in as a surprise visit for the Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary weekend.He didn’t get in till Sunday so me and my mom got a little quality time. We went shopping where I was able to score two new pairs of shorts for $15 a piece which will be perfect for my cruise in September.We also celebrated her birthday which was Thursday. I made her a cake and ate WAY too much of it. I think I went into a sugar coma at one point.

When my brother got here we had dinner, saw a Giants game, he and a friend went to Alcatraz and got to meet my brother’s best friends new baby. He’s only 5 weeks old and adorable.

But the best part is I got to be a mock puppy parent this weekend. My brother wanted to see his dog so my mom brought him with her. Let me tell you this I really wanted a dog for the past year but after a weekend I’m rethinking it and may have decided to wait. But then again if I see one I want I’ll probably change my mind again. He’s a silly dog and for some reason doesn’t like using the bathroom when he’s on a leash. Well living in an apartment with no yard in SF was not going to be too friendly to his bowels if he decided he didn’t want to go outside. After nearly 24 hours we finally got him to go on the leash and he was fine after that. He also loves chewing on things (thankfully just bones) and was going to town on this bone crazy style. My mom says she sometimes has to take his bones away at night because he’ll chew and lick them ALL night keeping her up. The joys of being a dog owner.

Now to the pictures from the weekend.

He wanted some of my oatmeal.

My Mom’s birthday cake. Purple is her favorite color so I incorporated that.

Flowers Darren surprised me with.

My family are HUGE Giants fan so this was mandatory. I am the black sheep being an A’s fan.

Blurry because he wouldn’t stop moving. We dressed him up for his dad coming in and Memorial day. He actually didn’t chew it or try to get it off.


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Another busy weekend has passed. I failed and didn’t cook a thing. I failed on working out both Saturday and Sunday. But I did get my car his much needed smog check. Does anyone else wait till the absolute last minute before registration is due to get the required smog check? I was a little proactive this time I gave myself a week and a half cushion. The last time I think I gave myself like less than 24 hours. I’m procrastination’s bff.

If you’re reading mom – you should stop. Another thing I may have slacked on is finding a good Mother’s day gift. I’m a terrible daughter. I had an idea of what I wanted and couldn’t find it anywhere. Since my mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day are so close I decided to send something lame small for Mother’s day and get her a great birthday gift. Plus, she’ll be down visiting me for her birthday so I don’t have to send anything. The money I save in shipping I can make up for in gift buying. I can’t tell you what it is because she reads sometimes. But she’ll like it – or else. ๐Ÿ™‚

Front of the card.

Inside. Ignore my sloppy handwriting at the bottom.

I did picked her up what I think is a pretty perfect card. I picked it up at Hallmark and it was destiny that it found me. It was perfect and pretty much something I would say to her. My mom liked it and her Sees candy. I got her the lollipops because I know she likes them and use to complain my dad would steal all the good flavors. Sounds just like him.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and either spent time with their moms or chatted with them on their special days. Stay tuned for some tasty recipes this week. Yum is coming your way.


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This weekend was fantastic. After last weeks never ending game it was so nice to have a weekend filled with fun and sun. We had dinner with friends on Friday night which was quite the debacle trying to figure out where to go, people getting lost and other bailing at the last minute. Not to mention I was starving and a hungry Jillian is not a friendly one.

The path along the beach I love running on.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early. By early I mean 6:30 am. Usually I can sleep at least an hour longer on the weekend but this weekend there was none of that. So I opted to go run outside because it was so beautiful out. It was the perfect weather for a run. I did about 4.5 miles and felt great afterwards. Not to mention Darren had breakfast ready for me when I hopped out of the shower. I knew there was a reason I keep him around. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Who could pass this up?

Next we were off to a Giants game. I won tickets from work and although I’m not a huge Giants fan the weather was great. Plus it was a giveaway day and I promised my mom (a huge Giants fan) I would try to get her a Sergio Romo bobblehead. Since I’m the best daughter ever I succeeded and she will be the proud new owner of the bobblehead.

Bobblehead success!

Saturday night wasn’t eventful we had a friend over for dinner and watched a movie. Source Code was terrible – I didn’t like it one bit. Not even Jake Gyllenhal (whom I adore) could save it. Waste of 2 hours.

It’s been a big thing for me to incorporate working out in different way then just hitting the gym because I get bored with that VERY easily. I’ve had some motivation problems the past few month and am happy to announce once I started adding in new things and working out outside of the gym I’ve been SO much better about getting in 4-6 workouts a week.

One major contribution to this is long bike rides me and Darren have started taking on Sunday. We try to incorporate something fun in the middle like a picnic or shopping so we can break it up a bit. The pat two weekends we did just shy of 10 miles each Sunday. It’s nice to have someone to work out with since I tend to do it alone most days. I also love getting out when the weather is nice and enjoying it. It’s a win win in my book and I look forward to many more Sunday bike rides in the future.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Did anyone do anything fun?

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This weekend was another pretty one in San Francisco. Despite the chilled wind the sun came out so what else was there to do but go out and enjoy it? Darren and I woke up and made breakfast and enjoyed some coffee while contemplating what to do for the day. I came up with the idea that filled our Saturday.

The beasts we rode in on.

We rode our bikes down along the Great Highway on the path, grabbed some deli sandwiches and adult beverages from Safeway and picked a comfy spot in Golden Gate Park. We weren;t the only ones with this in mind because the park and Ocean Beach were PACKED.

My yummy sandwich and my beverage – no adult beverages for me. I asked for no tomato and was sad to see them on my sammy.

We entertained ourselves by watching a game of sloshball of people half dressed in neon colored clothing items. I would bet money that only 3 of the 20 were 21 and were the ones to purchase the two kegs they were enjoying. But hey, who am I to judge? They were having fun, not bothering anyone and entertaining me.

Darren enjoying his canned beer.

Our friend joined us for a bit before we headed back home where we made dinner and lounged around. It was a great day and was a pretty good workout too. We ended up doing just shy of 10 miles round trip. Not too shabby for a nice relaxing day in the park.

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I’ve been a bad blogger and skipped out on the past few days. I was visiting my mom and we kept busy doing stuff around the house, seeing The Hunger Games, celebrating Easter, and much more. I probably could have found time to blog but in all honesty it was nice not to just hang out and not have my face buried in a computer. Sorry guys.But it’s Monday and I’m back and dedicated to getting rid of my bad blogger ways. I’ve got some tasty recipes to share this week and hopefully a good race recap on Sunday. But for today I’ll keep it simple and give you some shots from this weekend.

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I’ve been really good the past week and half with getting in all my fruits and veggies and kicking my butt back into working out. After a few weeks of not so great habits it feels great to be back to my every day routine. I feel energized and better than ever.

Last week I completed my 5 days of working out I wanted to do including a 10 mile bike ride on Sunday. That bike ride was the longest to date and was so much fun despite the wind trying to blow me over. I also ran 3 days last week which was a great way to clear my head and prepare me for the 4 mile race I’m planning to participate in on the 15th.

With my routine back in order it’s also helped me get back in the kitchen and do a little more cooking. Just like I like it. I’m not someone who likes to eat out very often. Yes it’s nice every once in a while but I love knowing exactly what I’m eating, throwing things together haphazardly and somehow creating something delicious. Cooking is fun for me, easier on my wallet than eating out and much more nutritious. Win win all around I would say. Not that I’m bias or anything.

We had an extra bag of frozen raviolis in the freezer and I had no idea where they came from. Darren swears that he didn’t purchase them and I don’t remember purchasing them. So apparently we have frozen ravioli leaving elves in our kitchen. Thanks elves! This weekend we were running dangerously low on supplies and so I had to make magic happen somehow. Luckily it turned out great and was a nice addition to my glass of red win and Game of Thrones premiere. We’re quite the exciting couple because this was the highlight of our weekend I think. Haha.

Here is my creation that was easy and tasted great!

Garlic Pesto Raviolis


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1/2 cup water (or you could use chicken broth)
  • 1/2 cup half & half (if you want a thicker sauce you might want to use heavy cream)
  • 1lb Italian sausage
  • 2 tablespoons of minced garlic (2 cloves if you do yourself)
  • 3 big handfuls of fresh spinach
  • 2-3 tablespoons ofย  pesto (depends on taste preference – I like it so I added 2 HUGE spoonfuls)
  • 1lb ravioli (i used cheese but you can use other flavors)


  1. Cook raviolis to package instructions. Drain and set aside.
  2. Heat oil in a skillet. Remove sausage from casing (if applicable) and place in skillet.
  3. Cook sausage till it’s no longer pink. Make sure to break the sausage up into small pieces.
  4. Add garlic to cooked sausage and mix together.
  5. Add the water, half and half and pesto mixing all together with sausage and garlic.
  6. Cook mixture for a few minutes until the sauce begins to thicken.
  7. Throw in the spinach and cook for a few moments until spinach wilts.
  8. Pour over the cooked raviolis and mix all together making sure raviolis are well coated.
  9. Eat and enjoy!

We ate these tasty little treats with a side salad. I can’t explain to you how good this dish makes the house smell. The garlic, pesto and sausage together makes a great smell. I may make this again without the meat for meatless Mondays. I really enjoy when my wild creations actually come together in not only an edible dish but something good that I would make again.

Glad to be back in the swing of things and getting back into a routine.

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