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New Digs

Hi everyone – I’m finally ready to reveal what I’ve been working  on the past week. I decided to self host my blog and am now the proud owner of bitesofbalance.com . Please head over and check it out, bookmark it, add to your rss feed or throw rocks at it – whichever you prefer.I created a whole new look for it and am still working on some cool new stuff for it as well.




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Be Back Soon

I promise I’m not being a slacker. I’m working on some cool things for the blog and should be finished in the next few days. Stay tuned. 🙂

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Missing in Action

I have been MIA the past few days and I apologize. But big things are happening over here behind the scenes of Bites of Balance. So I’m trying to get those all in place and then I promise I’ll be back shortly. 🙂

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This week has been never ending I swear! But alas it has finally come to an end. I can’t believe it’s may already and the summer is just about here. Yay flip flops, dresses, beach and sun. I’m ready. My week has been pretty uneventful unless you count boring as eventful. I’ve been good with motivating myself to go to the gym and run. If all goes according to plan this weekend I will have successfully worked out 6 out of the 7 days this week. That hasn’t happened in what seems like forever.

Now that the weekend is here I plan on spending it using tickets I won from work to take Darren to a Giants game. I know I’m disgracing my Oakland Athletics fan status having gone to the Giants stadium not once but twice already this season. I swear I will be coming to Oakland soon. PROMISE.

Since this whole weekend has been an annoyance for the most part. Lets talk about some things that annoyed me this week so I can get them off my chest. I’m sorry if you have done or do any of these things on a regular basis this is not meant to offend anyone. It’s simply me rambling about things that really rubbed me the wrong way this week. Most weeks these things would simply be brushed off but in a week as long and tiring as this I can’t control my annoyance.

Machine Hogs

The people that stay on the cardio equipment at the gym for like 3 years while reading their magazine. Pretty sure it states a 30 minute time limit yo. I’m not a time keeper but when I’ve been trying to keep myself busy for 45 minutes so I can get a little elliptical loving in and I see the same 8 people still on there I’m irritated. If it’s not busy then sure stay on longer but when the gym is jam packed don’t be a hog. Sheesh.

Bus Riders

Not all bus riders are obnoxious but the vast majority in SF are. You have the old ladies who literally will demand you give up a seat even when there are plenty open or actually just push you out of the way. You have the people telling all their business on their cellphones so loud that I’m sure the entire city now knows you hooked up will John Doe and he has a tattoo of Tinkerbell on his butt. You also have the people that think everyone on the bus wants to A) hear their music through their headphones that are so loud I’m sure they can’t hear anymore anyways, B) share what they are listening to through their horrendous singing voices and C) those that decide screw the headphones I’ll just play my music on my phone for everyone to hear. That’s cool you like your music – more power to you. But honestly I don’t want to listen to your terrible music and I’m sure the lady with her toddler doesn’t want to hear about hoes and 40’s.

Baby on Board

Am I alone in my hatred of these dumb placards. I have come to the conclusion that anyone that posts these thinks it gives them the right to not follow any traffic laws whatsoever. They don’t have to go the speed limit, they can talk on their cell phone as much as they want, they don’t need to signal when they change lanes and pretty much do whatever they please simply because they have a baby on board. Jerks.


Pet Owners Who Give Up Their Pets

I don’t know how many times I saw stories or got told instances of people just giving up their pets. My mom’s old neighbors moved and simply let their cats without a second thought. Someone abandoned a dog because it was no longer a puppy and not as cute anymore. What is wrong with people. Pets are not accessories to play with until you get tired of them. Pets are companions and part of your family. They rely on you for care and comfort. Please don’t ever get a pet unless you know you are in it for the long haul.

I think that’s it for now. I’m done ranting. Glad I could get that off my chest. Now lets look at some cool stuff from Pinterest. Have a great weekend!


Recipe I Will Be Trying


Get in My Belly


OH NO of the Week

Source: thechive.com via Jon on Pinterest


Bathroom Envy


Wall of Awesome

Source: houzz.com via Melissa on Pinterest

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Only a Day Early

Is it weird that someone found my blog by searching lazy headphones cat or is that just me? Anyone have any fun plans this weekend? I have plans to kick my butt into gear with my running. I have 2 weeks before a race and have ran a total of like 4 times in the past month. My plan is to run this next two weeks till my legs fall off. Not really but I definitely will need to push myself a little to make sure I’m ready for the 15th.

This week I’ll be doing the Friday Five a day early because there is a reveal of sorts tomorrow for my first month as a Foodie Penpals. Get excited! Here are my 5 things I’ve been thinking about this week and/or am obsessed with.

The Ringer

Since I was home off and on the past month I have quite the DVR collection of shows to catch up on. The Ringer had like 5 episodes of catching up. Deciding not to neglect it any further I caught and boy oh boy is this getting good. I don’t know if anyone else thinks this show is good but I’m a huge Sarah Michelle Gellar fan and she can do no wrong in my eyes. I mean come on, she was Buff the freaking Vampire Slayer (one of my all time favorite shows).

The Mega Millions Lotto

Me walking away with all my money.

Hello I’m prepping for my road trip to Sacramento to collect my half a billion dollars this weekend. Duh. I know I’m not the only one hoping and praying those little balls display my numbers so I can cash in on the big bucks.


I have always liked tea but this week I have found myself having at least one cup a day. I really like Stash’s Moroccan Mint Tea and Barry’s Irish Tea. Yum.

Bunny Cookie Bark

Umm I need this in my life and plan on getting the ingredients this weekend. Am I the only one that thinks this looks DELISH?

Pink Nails

My nails from last night. A little blurry - oops.

I use to only wear clear or dark colors on my nails and have found a love of pinks and lighter colors on my nails. I painted them last night because I felt a little naked with no color the past few weeks. Often times I find myself frustrated and just stop and take it all off because I don’t get it perfect. I’m a perfectionist sometimes and a messy nail (even if I’m the only one who can tell) irritates the crap out of me. So when I win that lotto up there I will get a manicure once a week so I don’t have to freak out about it. Some things you must leave to the professionals folks.

Well that’s it for the Friday Five even though it’s only Thursday. I did wake up thinking it was Friday this morning and was sad when I realized it was Thursday. I hate those days! I’m off to finish up the work day and then head home for a much needed run. Rain or shine I’ll be sweating it out on the streets of San Francisco this evening. Wish me luck!


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It’s been a long week for me. Not quite sure how that works out considering I only worked 3 days of it. Those three days felt like long torture ridden days. But like every other week, Friday comes and today had an added bonus because it was pay day and the day Hunger Games comes out. Yes I read the books five three times and I read the first one in less than 24 hours about a year ago. I’m sad I know but I embrace it. I’ve been waiting for this movie forEVER. It’s finally here and I have tickets to see it Sunday with friends. I may or may not be dragging Darren to see it tonight with me and it’s already decided I’m seeing it with my mom in the next two weeks. Is three times in the theater too much? I think not.I LOVED the books, the story, and the characters. The movie looks to be great – not a disastrous, terribly cast, mess like Twilight another popular series I enjoyed reading. So wish me luck as I take to the crowds and squealing girls for not one but three times seeing this movie. If we’re being real I’ll probably squeal, cry and see it more times than three. Not ashamed.

Onto my Five for Friday. Here are 5 things I’m currently obsessed with.

  1. Europe – I’ve never been and am in the midst of finalizing all the details of my trip in September to Ireland and Italy. SO EXCITED! I’ve been making lists and checking them 100 times and hoping my excitement will make September come faster.
  2. Chevron pattern – I don’t know why but after seeing it a few weeks ago I want to decorate my entire house in it. Literally if they had chevron patterned carpet I’d probably want it. Is that weird? Probably but I’m OK with it.

  3. Hunger games – DUH. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the 5 million articles about the movie since it did come out TODAY. I think i’ve read every article posted about Hunger Games. I can’t confirm that I may have read some twice.
  4. Bad Girl Lash mascara – I’m always looking for new make up but hate paying full price to find that I hate something. Lucky for me I’m a part of House Party and they picked me to do a party for Benefit make up. They sent me an absolutely AMAZING box of goodies to give to my friends to try at the party I’m throwing Sunday. This mascara is AMAZING so far. Once the sample is gone will I shell out 20 bucks for the real deal? It will be painful but I just might do it.

  5. Cadbury Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs – These mini eggs are the devil that somehow finds it way into my life every year around this time. Usually the regular ones I can somewhat resist probably only because after a few they make my tummy hurt. But hot damn they have dark chocolate ones and Darren’s mom gave me a bag. Holy cow they are delicious and not even the slightest bit healthy for me. Good thing I started working out again.

That’s all for Five for Friday this week. I’m off to go read more articles and reviews of the Hunger Games. I’m obsessed – I know. Have a fantastic weekend everyone and check in tomorrow for my Chicken Adobo recipe. It turned out so well and was way easier than I remembered.

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First Friday Five

Yesterdays post is still so new and raw I didn’t want to gloss over it – however I don’t want to dwell on it each and every post. I didn’t post it for attention or sympathy or anything of that nature. I posted it because this blog is about me and my life and the events that unfolded in the past 13 days are very much a part of my life – in a big way. I have no doubt that they will continue to be a struggle each day. I don’t know if the pain will ever go away or if I’ll simply learn to deal with it. So while you may see mentions of it  I will try to steer clear of another heavy post about my father’s passing for the time being. Who knows how I’ll feel a few months or years from now. But for now I will take each day as it comes and grieve in my own way –  privately.


So in hopes of a much lighter  post today. I wanted to start a Friday tradition on the blog. Five for Friday. Each Friday I will post five things I like, dislike, facts, and a myriad of other things. Pretty much it gives me an excuse to list or show five things of my choosing. 5 if my favorite number and it just so happens it starts with an F just like Friday. I think the stars aligned on that one, haha. I kid, I kid. This Friday I decided to do five shows I’m loving now.This does not include my favorites of all time (ahem – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc.) but only current ones. Maybe I’ll do my favorite of all time at a later date.

Are these genius works of television? I would guess not. Are they mind bogglingly critically acclaimed pieces of art? I highly doubt it. I never said I had fantastic taste in things but hey it’s my taste and I enjoy it. I may or may not be a teenage girl trapped in a 27 year old body. So without further ado here are my five favorite shows.

The Walking Dead

I’m obsessed. Me, Darren and our friend Ryan usually have viewing parties and dinner every Sunday to watch this. I just wish they would leave that damn farm already. I’m getting bored – I want some more zombies. A great show that throws us for crazy loops all the time. They are definitely not afraid to leave you hanging or off cast members.

Vampire Diaries

One of my guilty pleasures. I read the books (which were AWFUL) and gave the show a chance. The show is MUCH better than the books – it’s hard to believe they can even go by the same name. Another show not afraid to take crazy twists and turn. Plus it probably helps that Ian Somerholder plays sexy the epitome of bad boy Damon Salvatore so well. Those beautiful blues win me over every time even if he just ate your grandma.


Do you see a theme? I like crazy, pretty unrealistic, dark shows? Dexter is seriously one of the best shows I’ve seen. Is it weird I love a serial killer? Probably but I don’t care. This show is interesting and gripping. Good thing we invested in the movie channels so I can get my fill every summer.

True Blood

Another vampire show – I do love me some vampires, especially when they look like Alexander Skaarsgard as Eric Northman. Mmmmm. I read these books and really enjoyed them and have to admit the show is turning out to be better than the books. I like that they are expanding story lines, creating new ones and that I don’t know what happens every week. Again – the sexy cast is quite the eye candy bonus.

Sons of Anarchy

This gritty portrayal of a motorcycle club is probably one of my favorite shows of all time. Fantastic acting, gripping and interesting stories make this a must watch. I’m sad that people like Katy Segal don’t get more recognition for their superb acting. She literally is one of the best characters I’ve seen portrayed on TV and is so realistic.

Stay tuned this weekend for some snow in Tahoe with Darren’s family, lots of cupcakes baking for Darren’s birthday and some quality time with my mom. I’m off to enjoy another cup of coffee before getting down to some work. Isn’t working from home so exciting? Cheers.

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