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Bison Burger Surprise

Last week I got quite the treat. I didn’t have to make dinner! Generally I cook dinner for myself and Darren EVERY night. One because he doesn’t really know how to make much and two he makes a HUGE mess every time he comes near the kitchen. I’m not a neat freak but I do like things somewhat clean. Is it too much to ask to not have the floor coated in Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken sauce?

Pardon the blurriness my iPhone went a little crazy.

Well he decided he really wanted to make his own bison burgers. He tried one when we were Tahoe and was able to find some in the local grocery store he wanted to give it a shot. I had never really tried bison but was game. I’m not a huge red meat eater so eating it every once in a while doesn’t bother me at all. Plus bison has much better nutrition facts than ground beef. Here are some quick facts about it:

  • It’s considered gourmet so you will pay the big $$$ for it. I think Darren paid like $8 a pound
  • Bison has about 152 calories and 7 grams of fat  in 3oz  versus beef which has 210 calories and 12 grams of fat in 3oz
  • Bison does have a high cholesterol 27% (82 milligrams) of your daily recommended intake versus beef which has 24% (75 milligrams) of your daily recommended intake.
  • An excellent source of protein with 21 grams or 82% of recommended daily intake
  • It’s slightly sweeter tasting that ground beef

While bison wins in many categories against ground beef I think either will only be an every once in a while thing. I’m a chicken and turkey girl all the way.

Yes – he is wearing gloves. I laughed at him so you can too.

Darren mixed a bunch of stuff together to season the bison including his secret burger ingredient – BEER! OK, it’s not really a secret but it does taste great in all the burgers he’s ever made me. This time he used a little Sierra Nevada in a can.

See all that mess on the counter. that took him about 2 seconds to make.

He cooked these up but wouldn’t wear an apron like I asked. I guess you win some and you lose some. Oh Well.

Darren’s Bison Burger Surprise


  • 1lb ground bison
  • 1/3 – 1/2 can of your favorite beer (darker usually works better)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Any other seasonings you like; we used J Leroy’s cooking seasoning, garlic powder and a tiny bit of seasoning salt


  1. Mix all the ingredients with bison in a bowl.
  2. Make 4 patties out of the mixed ingredients. You can make more if you want smaller burgers.
  3. Place in hot skillet and cook till desired taste – we like medium well over here at our place.
  4. Remove from heat and eat over a salad, on a bun, or how ever you want. We added cheese, lettuce, and a sandwich thin for ours.

These tasted great! We served them with sweet potato fries and broccoli and chowed down till our plates were clear. It was a great night because I got a tasty dinner with no work on my part. How much better could it get than that?

Plate before the broccoli finished.


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