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Lucky me got called to go into jury duty today. I had the summons all week and they pick the last day of the week. It was my first time ever getting summoned so I had no idea what to expect going in today. I had to report at 8:45am was welcomed by a line down the entire block waiting to get in through the security check. Luckily it was quick and I was inside with a few minutes to spare.

I have appointments next week so I was nervous I’d get called in. Luckily the judged liked my excuse and excused from a trial that would have been two weeks long. Pheww. Crisis averted.

Good news is I met two of my goals this week – I woke up and did an early morning run and I did two strength trainings this week. Woo hoo! On that note I’m going to start my weekend and share some of my favorite pinterest finds this week. I really am obsessed with pinterest. Do they have a support group for that yet? I think I need it.

Make The House Smell AMAZING!




Fill Up the Freezer STAT!




Should Start this ASAP.




Workout of the Week




Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be sweating it out in spin tomorrow or maybe a little P90x tomorrow and a long run on Sunday.


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Are you a breakfast eater? I didn’t use to be. I wouldn’t eat until 12 or 1pm and lets just say my choices weren’t always the healthiest. I don’t know how I survived those dark days. I can’t imagine a day without a delicious breakfast now. I’d probably be passed out under my desk by 9am at the latest.

Breakfast really is my favorite meal of the day. But am I eating the right breakfast and getting the right nutrients? I saw this article and it’s made me track my meals the past few days on My Fitness Pal and see if my breakfast is up to par. Luckily my breakfasts meet all the recommendations (most days) but these were definitely some things I didn’t know. I was doing them without knowing.

Here are some guidelines for making sure your breakfast is the right choice to fuel your body and your brain properly in the early hours of the day.

  • Make sure your breakfast is at least 53% carbs. Aim for 35 -65 g carbs.
  • Fiber in breakfast is important! Try to get in at least 6g of fiber.
  • You want some fats in your breakfast. Aim for about 17-15 g of HEALTHY fats in your breakfast like nut butters, avocado, etc.
  • Of course you want protein which has the staying power to keep those hunger pains at bay. Aim for 15-25 g of protein.

Some of these seemed high to me but I decided to test them for a few days. I’m no scientist over here so these are strictly my own observations. Days I hit all these guidelines I stayed full until lunch time and felt great. I tried one day of not meeting these goals and had just some cereal and was starving a few hours later and felt like I needed more than my own cup of coffee. Maybe these guidelines are on to something. 🙂

Here are some great breakfast ideas.

  • Oatmeal – Add sliced almonds (or other nuts), nut butters, milk, fruit, etc. Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfasts. It’s really versatile and you can literally add almost anything.
  • Egg scramble – Eggs (and egg whites) are easy to add just about anything too. I like to bulk mine up with some black beans, little bit of cheese, salsa and some sliced avocado. Eat with a piece of whole grain toast or wrap it up in a whole grain tortilla. YUM.
  • Peanut butter and strawberry roll up. This is about as easy as it gets. Use a whole grain tortilla and spread pb (or other nut butters) on it, slice strawberries and a handful of granola and roll it up.
  • Greek yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, agave, etc. You can almost throw anything in Greek yogurt.

I want breakfast right now. How does your breakfast stack up?

Source: google.ca via Marcie on Pinterest

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Working Girl

I’m starting my weekend off the best way possible for a Friday. I’m working from home – woo hoo! Sitting in bed with a warm mug of coffee watching the news in your PJs is pretty much the best way to work EVER. I wish I could work like this everyday. I mentioned last week that things were changing at work. There was a re-organization in our department and my job has completely changed. In all honesty I’m not sure what my new job (and title) even is yet.

I’m usually pretty good with change but this year has been a tough one and this change put me at my wits end. I’ve since calmed down and am kind of just going with the flow. But not knowing what you will be doing going forward is testing my nerves. I like being in control of things and this year I definitely haven’t had control over anything that has happened and it sucks.

Running has been one of the bright spots the past few weeks. When I’m sad, angry, irritated, happy or whatever emotion I go run and it allows me to clear my head and calm down. This weekend should also bring me some relaxation. My mom and brother will be in town and we’re going to a Giants game, and hanging out. We’re also celebrating my mom’s birthday. Be on the look out next week for the cake I made her.

But before the week is over here are my favorite Pinterest finds of the week. Have a great (LONG) weekend!


Rug Obsession – I want it!



Make Your Bathroom Look Like a Crime Scene



Why Don’t I Own This?

Source: wanelo.com via Carolina on Pinterest



Can I Be Lying Here Please?

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Sorry for such a late post. I feel like every Friday I say it’s been a crazy week but I assure you this week was one of the craziest. There were some big changes at work and I’m still not 100% sure what’s going on. I’ve been stressed a lot about that. I’m usually pretty good with change but this one has thrown me for a loop and frustrated me beyond belief. I’m going to play it by ear and take it one day at a time.

So with my scattered brain this week I forgot to publish my recipe for yesterday so I’m going to hold it till next week since I don’t generally update on the weekend. But instead for your viewing pleasure I have some tasty looking recipes I found on pinterest that are definitely going to be on my plate sometime soon. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

Seafood Dying to Try Dish



Pre-portioned Dessert of Choice

Holy Turkey Burger of Yum



I’ll Take a Ride on This Boat Dish



Green Dish of Envy

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This week has been never ending I swear! But alas it has finally come to an end. I can’t believe it’s may already and the summer is just about here. Yay flip flops, dresses, beach and sun. I’m ready. My week has been pretty uneventful unless you count boring as eventful. I’ve been good with motivating myself to go to the gym and run. If all goes according to plan this weekend I will have successfully worked out 6 out of the 7 days this week. That hasn’t happened in what seems like forever.

Now that the weekend is here I plan on spending it using tickets I won from work to take Darren to a Giants game. I know I’m disgracing my Oakland Athletics fan status having gone to the Giants stadium not once but twice already this season. I swear I will be coming to Oakland soon. PROMISE.

Since this whole weekend has been an annoyance for the most part. Lets talk about some things that annoyed me this week so I can get them off my chest. I’m sorry if you have done or do any of these things on a regular basis this is not meant to offend anyone. It’s simply me rambling about things that really rubbed me the wrong way this week. Most weeks these things would simply be brushed off but in a week as long and tiring as this I can’t control my annoyance.

Machine Hogs

The people that stay on the cardio equipment at the gym for like 3 years while reading their magazine. Pretty sure it states a 30 minute time limit yo. I’m not a time keeper but when I’ve been trying to keep myself busy for 45 minutes so I can get a little elliptical loving in and I see the same 8 people still on there I’m irritated. If it’s not busy then sure stay on longer but when the gym is jam packed don’t be a hog. Sheesh.

Bus Riders

Not all bus riders are obnoxious but the vast majority in SF are. You have the old ladies who literally will demand you give up a seat even when there are plenty open or actually just push you out of the way. You have the people telling all their business on their cellphones so loud that I’m sure the entire city now knows you hooked up will John Doe and he has a tattoo of Tinkerbell on his butt. You also have the people that think everyone on the bus wants to A) hear their music through their headphones that are so loud I’m sure they can’t hear anymore anyways, B) share what they are listening to through their horrendous singing voices and C) those that decide screw the headphones I’ll just play my music on my phone for everyone to hear. That’s cool you like your music – more power to you. But honestly I don’t want to listen to your terrible music and I’m sure the lady with her toddler doesn’t want to hear about hoes and 40’s.

Baby on Board

Am I alone in my hatred of these dumb placards. I have come to the conclusion that anyone that posts these thinks it gives them the right to not follow any traffic laws whatsoever. They don’t have to go the speed limit, they can talk on their cell phone as much as they want, they don’t need to signal when they change lanes and pretty much do whatever they please simply because they have a baby on board. Jerks.


Pet Owners Who Give Up Their Pets

I don’t know how many times I saw stories or got told instances of people just giving up their pets. My mom’s old neighbors moved and simply let their cats without a second thought. Someone abandoned a dog because it was no longer a puppy and not as cute anymore. What is wrong with people. Pets are not accessories to play with until you get tired of them. Pets are companions and part of your family. They rely on you for care and comfort. Please don’t ever get a pet unless you know you are in it for the long haul.

I think that’s it for now. I’m done ranting. Glad I could get that off my chest. Now lets look at some cool stuff from Pinterest. Have a great weekend!


Recipe I Will Be Trying


Get in My Belly


OH NO of the Week

Source: thechive.com via Jon on Pinterest


Bathroom Envy


Wall of Awesome

Source: houzz.com via Melissa on Pinterest

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Last night we had dinner plans at one of my favorite places – Pluto’s. It’s not fancy or extravagant. You can get great food for less than $10 a person. Did I mention they have the BEST design your own salad areas EVER. You pretty much pick your greens (mixed, iceberg or spinach), meat if you want it (chicken, tri tip, turkey, etc.) and then you get to pick 8 toppings. Yes you read that correctly – 8 toppings! They have everything pretty much under the sun that you may want to add to your salad. Look at this bad boy I got.

Before, After and Curly Fries - YUM!

Oh and did I mention that is the side salad that costs like $5. That side salad was enough for like 2 of my normal salads. I’ve never ordered the full salad I wonder if they serve it in a wheel barrel. So good – everything is fresh and their vinaigrette are tasty. I went with the Gorgonzola vinaigrette tonight and may or may not have had quite a few of these garlic curly fries. Oops.

After a great dinner we walked over to Golden Gate Park where we went to the Academy of Science. I really enjoy the Academy of Science. I’ve been here so many times but still love going and walking through the exhibits.I was never super into science in school and took the bare minimum I needed to. I guess I like things better when they aren’t forced upon me. Must be my rebellious side coming out.

Scenes from the night.

I will say watching them get an ostrich ready for taxidermy last night was cool but at the same time gross. FYI – all animals are donated (already dead) to the place they don’t go out and kill them. They have many cool exhibits like the aquarium (my favorite) and lots of info on conservation and stuff. If you’re ever in SF I definitely recommend it. If you can make it to Night Life, held on Thursday evenings for the 21+ age group its a great way to go without the crowds of kids and you can score some adult beverages and live DJs while you wander around.

Great Thursday night. Now to a few things I’m loving on Pinterest because it’s Pinterest Friday of course!

Not Sure If I would Wet My Pants of Not Adventure

Includes All my Favorites in One Dish Recipe

Source: thesepeasarehollow.blogspot.com via Megan on Pinterest

Must Try for my Next Party

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