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Last night we had dinner plans at one of my favorite places – Pluto’s. It’s not fancy or extravagant. You can get great food for less than $10 a person. Did I mention they have the BEST design your own salad areas EVER. You pretty much pick your greens (mixed, iceberg or spinach), meat if you want it (chicken, tri tip, turkey, etc.) and then you get to pick 8 toppings. Yes you read that correctly – 8 toppings! They have everything pretty much under the sun that you may want to add to your salad. Look at this bad boy I got.

Before, After and Curly Fries - YUM!

Oh and did I mention that is the side salad that costs like $5. That side salad was enough for like 2 of my normal salads. I’ve never ordered the full salad I wonder if they serve it in a wheel barrel. So good – everything is fresh and their vinaigrette are tasty. I went with the Gorgonzola vinaigrette tonight and may or may not have had quite a few of these garlic curly fries. Oops.

After a great dinner we walked over to Golden Gate Park where we went to the Academy of Science. I really enjoy the Academy of Science. I’ve been here so many times but still love going and walking through the exhibits.I was never super into science in school and took the bare minimum I needed to. I guess I like things better when they aren’t forced upon me. Must be my rebellious side coming out.

Scenes from the night.

I will say watching them get an ostrich ready for taxidermy last night was cool but at the same time gross. FYI – all animals are donated (already dead) to the place they don’t go out and kill them. They have many cool exhibits like the aquarium (my favorite) and lots of info on conservation and stuff. If you’re ever in SF I definitely recommend it. If you can make it to Night Life, held on Thursday evenings for the 21+ age group its a great way to go without the crowds of kids and you can score some adult beverages and live DJs while you wander around.

Great Thursday night. Now to a few things I’m loving on Pinterest because it’s Pinterest Friday of course!

Not Sure If I would Wet My Pants of Not Adventure

Includes All my Favorites in One Dish Recipe

Source: thesepeasarehollow.blogspot.com via Megan on Pinterest

Must Try for my Next Party


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I’m excited it’s Friday for a variety of reasons. You’ll be happy to know I finally dragged myself out of my bed and made it to spin in the AM. I feel great. Almost as great as when I discovered I had a PB jar that was perfect for some oats in a jar. SCORE! Top that with a nice cup of coffee and I had myself a fantastic little Friday morning.Here are some things I’ve been obsessing over all week. See a theme – they are all kind of summery. I’m ready for the summer – bring it on! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend; I’m off to start mine!

Impractical Shoe Find of the Week


Love this table runner x billion.


I’ve been loving zucchini lately. Stocking up on it at TJ’s to make this.


Somewhat practical shoe find of the week.


I want to try this!

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