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One Bite at a Time

I grabbed this small corner of the internet to call my own because I wanted to share my continuing journey to a healthy and happy me. I’ve come a long way but am no where near finished. You may recognize me from Cubicle Chronicles a blog I ran with my co-worker Anna. I’ve loved the past 6 months of blogging there but feel like it’s time I stepped out and found a place of my own. This road to health is a personal journey and I want a blog that reflects that. I also think having two people blog about a variety of things made it increasingly confusing to readers. So here is me testing the waters of a blog totally and completely about me, my adventures, and everything in between. Lets hope I don’t fall flat on my face like I tend to do when walking.

Dare I say this is a healthy living blog? I don’t know. I like chocolate. I skip work outs. I can’t run 10 miles (yet!). I certainly am not where I want to be health and fitness wise but I make a valiant effort to be as healthy as possible each day. Does it qualify?  Who knows?When I decided to start this blog I wanted it to be a place where I shared my journey to a healthy, happy me. I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and if that’s what you’re looking for you may not like this place. This blog is intended to not only hold me accountable but to share with others what has worked for me on my journey to health  and chronicle my life and the things in it. This is my journey. It’s been a bumpy ride already and I’m sure it will continue that way. If I’m being honest there are days I eat a cookie or three, days I skip the gym and decide that sitting in my pjs is a much more productive way to spend my day and I certainly don’t take myself too seriously on most days. Do I have to be perfect? Absolutely not.

You wont find pictures of everything I stick in my mouth and certainly will see some treats; because I do eat them. What you can expect is honesty, tips, tricks and hopefully a little humor. I love to poke fun at things (especially myself). You’ll see my journey to a healthier, happier me and my adventures through my eyes.

Simply put – I am a 27 year old living in a beautiful city (San Francisco) trying to enjoy each and every day. I enjoy laughter, fun, cooking, traveling, the outdoors, and maintaining a active and healthy lifestyle. This is my story of trying to find balance one bite at a time – I hope you enjoy.


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